Level 2 - Ambassadors for Trust 


Level 2 coaches, consultants, trainers and leaders have extended their training to go deeper into understanding the dynamics of trust in areas such as Leadership, People Management, Couples relationships and Parenting.


Adrian Bevan - Australia
Belinda Harris - Australia
Bruce Dutton - Australia
Christelle Ceronio - South Africa
David Campbell - Jamaica
David Polhill - Australia
Dhiraj Shrestha - Australia/Nepal
Dylan Forbes - Australia
Jenny Woods - UK
Joan Wright - South Africa
Jonathan Brake - Australia
Jodi de Lijster - South Africa
Kath McNee - Australia
Kay Lampard - Australia
Melanie Osher - South Africa
Rob Kennaugh - Australia
Rob McLeod - South Africa
Rohan Prowse - China
Sarah Doecke - Australia
Silpa Shrestha - Australia/Nepal
Steve Hamilton - Australia
Yvonne Iles - UK