How do you know if you need to build trust in your organisation? 

Many organisations spend thousands, even millions of dollars treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause of their problems. 


Symptoms like:
  • low morale
  • poor performance
  • high turnover of stuff
  • siloed mentality
  • back biting and gossip
  • lagging sales
  • low ROI on marketing costs
  • customer complaints
  • low repeat business


... can all be indicators of a breakdown of trust. Treating the symptoms is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound.
Trust is critical in your business. Build and maintain it and you achieve greater Results, Retention and Relationships. Ignore it and you'll continue to wonder what is really going on and why the 'solutions' are not working.

How entente can help your organisation:

1. An introduction to the truth about trust workshop: 

This 1.5 - 2hr workshop is a great place to start, as it will get you across the key aspects of what trust is and how it impacts all aspects of your organisation. 


2. Webinars and online coaching programs:

There are a range of topics that will be covered in upcoming webinars and coaching, including: 

  • Being a trusted leader
  • Employing people you can trust, and keeping them
  • Building a trusted brand
  • Building trust in sales
  • Building trust with customers
  • Managing the greatest risk to your organisation


Register your interest to be included in upcoming webinars and programs. 


3. Purchase a copy of The Truth about Trust in business in hard copy or ebook form 


4. Read, watch and listen to loads of resources. 


5. To really build trust as a foundation to your organisation:

Find out where trust is being built and where it is breaking down in your organisation. 


Contact us to book in your initial 2 hour consultation to get the ball rolling. 



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