Vanessa Hall

Strategist, Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer in acheiving greater Results, Retention and Relationships through trust


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'The world is in a crisis, and it is a crisis of Trust.


Vanessa is fast becoming know as one of the world's leading thinkers and teachers on trust. Her simple but profound model for trust is shifting the way people think about trust and its significance in all aspects of life.
She founded and leads the world’s only International Movement of Trust. Her business experience has seen Vanessa move from a career in risk management and compliance in a beleaguered financial services industry, to a respected adviser improving what she calls ‘the 3 Rs of trust – Results, Retention and Relationships’, through strategies to build and restore trust in organisations, homes and communities.
Her personal experiences left Vanessa doubting if there was anyone in the world she could trust. It was a combination of her business and personal experiences, coupled with an epiphany brought about by her son, that ignited an unstoppable passion and a clear, God given mission that has seen Vanessa dedicate her life to teaching, advising, coaching, speaking and writing to raise an awareness to the power and fragile nature of trust through her uniquely simple but powerful model of trust. Now as she completes her theological studies, Vanessa has put a new twist on what it truly means to trust, writing 'the ultimate truth about trust', and 'A return to trust'.
Vanessa has a unique ability to meet and speak with people where they are, from the poorest of the poor to the extremely wealthy, from the illiterate to the highly educated, from the atheist to the devout Christian, and everything in between.
She has presented to and advised government, political, business and NGO leaders, pastors, principals, teachers, parents and individuals, across the globe, and chairs boards and advisory panels on trust and accountability, peace and reconciliation.
Vanessa lives in Sydney with her husband, Peter, and spends an increasing amount of time in Melbourne where her son, Lachlan, lives.

Testimonials for Vanessa's work: 

‘It was like a light was turned on in a darkened room’
Rob, South Africa
‘We saw significant improvement in our bottom line, our staff retention and the co-operation between teams as a result of the trust building programs’ Alison, HR Manager, Australia
‘I have been to psychologists and counsellors over the past 35 years but it was only when I started this journey with you that I discovered what was really stopping me from reaching my true potential’
Eva, Australia
'You cannot believe how much you have blessed us. The transformation was evident in the pastors' eyes and many shared with me that they were going back to their families and churches first of all to apologise for all the unfulfilled promises they had made. I tell you, your message of trust will restore many relationships and I believe will help us manage our lives better. I tell you, none of us who have sat under your teaching have remained the same.' 
Pastor Dennis, Rwanda
‘This has been one of the most profound and important seminars I have ever attended. It touches on the foundations of who we are, how we relate to others, how we manage our business and how we serve God. Thank you, Vanessa.’ 
Gordon, England
‘Brilliant, memorable metaphors’
Karen, Australia
‘I’ve really been touched by your session. I knew trust is very important but never had anyone emphasise it by teaching it as a topic. I never knew how much of a difference it could make. Thank you.’
Dhiraj, Nepal
‘Loved your story telling. Great message that is so needed in corporate Australia today, and in life.’
Cheryl, Australia
‘You stepped into your power as a teacher and had our trust completely’
Tom, Australia
'Vanessa, I admire the important work you are doing in increasing trust in relationships, companies and ultimately in all society. You are truly a catalyst for the renaissance of trust taking place today. Keep making a difference and keep insiring trust!' 
Stephen MR Covey - Author of 'The Speed of Trust'
'The thing that I loved about your book, beside the colour and the nice, clean, easy way of reading, is basically it's reminding people to stop and reflect, because if they really want to get what they ant out of life then they have to realise that trust is the key. You have to make sure that you set realistic expectations and you make sure you develop and live by what you say and you have integrity in that way. That is the secret of getting what you want in life. That's an important message for people. The idea that you're taking that on as your mission, I think, is a great contribution.'
Dr John Demartini - Author of 'The Breakthrough Experience' and contributor the 'The Secret'
'So essentially vital is the commodity of trust; the glue in every interaction that we have.And so few have explored it so insightfully and comprehensively as Vanessa Hall has. A mind-stretching and life-changing read.'
Dr Allan Parker - International negotiator, educator and best-selling Author of 'Switch on your Brain, and 'The Negotiators Toolkit'
'Vanessa's work on trust is world class. She is, in my mind, Australia's if not the world's, thought leader on trust.'
Matt Church - Former CEO, Thought Leaders Australia